10 o’clock list: Courses that Aren’t Being Offered Next Semester

Kisses for komrades. Via deviantart.net

Today, rising seniors registered. Some rejoiced. Some cried. Rising juniors and sophomores, you’re next. As such, we thought it might be nice to know what you can’t register for next semester.

1. What’s the Deal With Feet? –Transnational Perspectives at the Heels of History. In this course we will explore the metric system as it is a metaphor for transnational conflicts concerning foot fetishism. This course is designed for first years. Pedicure of the instructor required. Apparently, if you pair this course with “Three Little Piggies: Writing Infantile Amusement,” you’ll be half way to a concentration in Poor Life Choices. Omg, so cool. But comps will have me with one foot in the grave. Ha ha ha hoo hoo ho-jesus christ. Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Cleveland, Occupy Gaskin Becomes Inevitable

You may have read some of the stories about those dirty hippies/people with legitimate grievances about the income gap in this country camped out in Lower Manhattan, being naked, beating bongo drums and getting arrested.

Now, the Plain Dealer reports, the movement has spread to Ohio. While Cleveland isn’t home to the Goldman Sachs world headquarters, it is something of a regional banking capital, so if the protesters are smart, they might seize on that. And while they didn’t appear to disrobed, like their NYC counterparts, they did, according to the Cleveland paper-of-record, have some drums. So that’s a start.

And finally, for our readers currently enrolled in the Quest for Justice (Spoiler alert: You do not find it), the occupation is using Athenian-style general assemblies to make decision, so you might just be able to convince your Poli Sci professor that going to Cleveland would be an educational experience (You can use the video we embedded at the top of the post!).

[via The Cleveland Plain Dealer and Emma Munger, Giver-of-News]