The Inevitable Questions on Turkey Day

Family at the dinner table at the Thanksgiving day.

It’s your parents’ Thanksgiving, they will ask what they want. Like the KGB. (Photo art by Camille Bourret’16)

If you haven’t figure it out yet, we at The Thrill love parents and Thanksgiving. But sometimes our two lovers get together and talk about us. It’s really annoying. Then we’re on break and trying to relax, and they ask prying questions like “Why didn’t you call me last week Tuesday after seminar? Who’s this Michael person you keep on talking about? Did you get your Psych midterm back yet?”

As a veteran of Kenyon breaks, I believe that I have seen the full gamut of parent’s “gotcha” questions. Recently, however, I have seen a shift in the questions parents are asking. It appears that as my cognitive abilities developed at Kenyon, so did the prying and uncomfortable questions of my parents. During my first Thanksgiving break, the questions all seemed to focus on how often I party at Kenyon and now the questions tend to revolve around how much time I spend in the library and if it is healthy. (Spoiler, it’s not, especially for my skin.)

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