Ask the Thrill: Market Choices!


Hello all! It is I, the Question Goblin! In this segment, I ask the Thrill staff lots of fun questions and get some diverse and unique opinions! This week I asked the Thrill staff this:

What do you get from the market when you’re at your lowest emotional point?

And boy did I get some fun answers!

Sarah Hoffmann, Editor-in-Chief

“I’ll buy anywhere between three and five Vitamin Waters at once. Also Munchies.”

Colleen Kemp, Daily Editor

“A single potato from the produce section. Retail price: 76 cents.”

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Bring Back the Supplement: Questions for Kenyon’s Common Application


Party Hard University was my top choice and Kenyon was my safety

As Kenyon plummets itself into a whirlwind of changes, I find myself asking, “which of Kenyon’s old habits die hard?” (Not many, it turns out.) We’ve got First-year sing and Send-Off and various other rights of passage, and for a while, Kenyon’s supplement to the Common App was one of those things. Just like “no-cell phones on Middle Path” and Cove O’Clock, the supplement to the Common App has become a whisper of a memory – its absence a scapegoat for disgruntled seniors looking to explain perceived mediocrity of underclassmen.

Some background: my older brother also went to Kenyon. During his application process, my family talked all too frequently about what hell was on the edge of “his map” or what he was carving out of a block of stone. Though I never wrote the supplement, I’m all too familiar with its absurdities, and frankly, I want it back. Call me a hypocrite. I don’t care. I want it back in a BAD way. Mmmm. Yeah. So while the administration sorts through my requests to #bringbackthesupplement, peruse these suggested prompts.

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Check Your Shoes, Check Your Privilege


I walked to Peirce from my 9:10 class this morning expecting nothing but casual conversation and a few pieces of cinnamon toast. However, upon arriving, I was confronted with several boldface questions written out in chalk on the sidewalk. “WHO CONTROLS ‘OPEN DIALOGUE?'” one read. Another questioned my sense of fulfillment here at Kenyon, and yet another asked if my socioeconomic status affected the way I thought about food. My mind instantly filled with shame over my white skin and comfortable home life — did I really take enough time to appreciate the struggles some of my classmates face on a daily basis? Did I fully grasp our diversity as a student body?

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Weekend Playlist: Stadium Anthems

Sports fans discovered  early on that their power to change the outcome of a sporting event occured through sheer volume–the unifying power of song provided an important vehicle by which they could corral their voices into a thundering chorus. As Superbowl Sunday approaches, now seems like an appropriate time to reflect on a few songs from the ever-selective canon of classic stadium anthems.

Who Let The Dogs Out? – Baha Men

The song first came to prominence after it was played during a Seattle Mariners game and jettisoned the Baha Men to superstardom after over ten years of producing optimistic, island inspired music (the whole discography is on Spotify, if you’re so inclined). As kids, we loved this song perhaps for no other reasons than the sounds of dogs panting and the tinkling metallic drums. Today, the question remains unanswered.

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A Lady in the Street But A Creek in the Bed… Take Two

Tonight’s Thrill sex column comes to us courtesy of Maureen Hoff ’15, world-renowned sex guru and even-more-world-renowned Owl Creek Singer. Remember to send all of your sexual questions, hopes, and dreams to or in the comments below, and we will work our hardest to get them answered for you.

In this week’s round of questions, things are undoubtedly getting steamy.

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