QUIZ: What Kind of Kenyon Asshole Are You

QUIZ: What Kind of Kenyon Asshole Are You

1.You’re in Peirce and there is a long line for the toaster. You are excited to partake in a simple english-muffin-jam-and-butter situation. Mind you it is peak hour in the Servery— think 9:28 on a Tuesday (that pre-9:40 rush). Do you:

a. Patiently stand in line and wait your turn. When you put your bread slices into the toaster you kindly move out of the way— maybe even get a beverage while the bread goes through the rotating metal bench of fire. You quickly grab your bread— head to get the butter and jam of your choosing, but you don’t apply the butter and jam at the bar. You put your spreads on your plate and kindly leave.

b. I don’t think they were dead the entire time. I definitely think everything that happened on the island between the plane crash and all of their eventual deaths did happen. I personally loved the time travel— it was fun and made things interesting (Juliette and Sawyer! COME ON!). I do still have a thousand questions and absolutely hated the finale. I would love to sit down with Father Abrams and flesh out all the loose ends.

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Which Kenyon Building Are You?


Hello, everyone it is I, the Quiz Goblin! I’ve made a quiz for any and all of us who have ever asked the question, “If I was a structure on this campus, what structure would I be, and why?” And haven’t we all been there?


Kenyon Quiz: Are You the Parent of your Friend Group?

"BUT MOOOOOOOM" (via goodenoughmother.com)

“BUT MOOOOOOOM” (via goodenoughmother.com)

If you’re like me, you miss your mommy back home more than anything. (Hi, Mary!) In fact, you’ve probably tried to recreate your home life by falling into a friend group which represents your at-home family to a T. But are you secretly taking on the qualities of the mother you miss so dearly? Do your friends regard you as their pseudo-parent? Are you bored? Take this quiz!

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Super-Fun Quiz Time: What’s Yr *~*~Sendoff~*~* Persona?

Get at us, Sleighbells (via WoodstockProject.com)

Get at us, Sleigh Bells (via WoodstockProject.com)

It’s that time of year again, and I know the question that’s on all of your minds — who am I going to be this Sendoff? Well, worry no more, because the luminaries over at Buzzfeed have inspired us to put together our very own lil’ quiz to put your minds at ease before the blessed event. (Actually, if this quiz were truly Buzzfeed-inspired, it would be called “How Sendoff Are You?” and feature a deluge of Toddlers & Tiaras .gif’s/photosets of dogs wearing sunglasses and swimming in kiddie pools. Which, don’t get me wrong, is fucking hilarious. Anyway. Sendoff.)

 1. What’s your go-to Sendoff accessory of choice?

  • A — An entire 30-rack. To start with. SENDOFF 2k14 WOOOOO LEGGOOOOOOOO.
  • B — An intricately braided flower crown that I ordered off Etsy but tell everyone I hand-crafted.
  • C — My carefully curated stack of Sendoff polaroids from the last three years OH GOD WHY IS IT ALL ENDING, IT’S TOO SOON, WHY, GOD, WHY?
  • D — A case full of bottled water, a headache and a disapproving frown.
  • E — That light looks really bright. Is it pulsing? Am I pulsing? I’m gonna go touch it really quick. I may or may not be back.

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