Cursed Things I Saw Over Break


During my stay at Kenyon over fall break, I saw… things. Terrifying things. Unimaginable things. Barely describable horrors, plaguing the campus, crawling to the surface once most of the College’s affluent students were tucked away safely in their New York City beds. Dare you peek into this Pandora’s Box of Kenyon horrors? You have been warned… what you see might SHOCK you… join me, as I reveal some of the cursed events I witnessed over break.

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Starter Packs for Your Dorm

kenyon sp with border

Dorms. Among the filth and mold, we’ve learned to call them home. Part of the fun of these exorbitantly expensive cinderblock jail cells is leaving your (temporary) mark on the place and putting your unique spin on the place. But, as unique as we are all hell-bent on convincing ourselves that we are, these places have more of an impact on us than we like to admit. What does your dorm say about you?  Continue reading

Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Drew Schmid ’14

This feature was conceived as a foray into the hearts/minds of Kenyon’s finest artists through the pages of their sketchbooks. This week, we’re talking to Drew Schmid ’14.

DSC_0291A close-up of Schmid’s wooden cow sculpture.

I met Drew Schmid ’14 in the basement of the new art building, Horvitz Hall, where he does most of his work. The room looks like a remodeled warehouse space equipped with speakers mounted on the walls that you can plug into your laptop (a pleasantry that should really exist everywhere). Schmid’s art focuses primarily on animals, and he has been focusing specifically on sculpture this semester as part of his coursework for Art with Four Legs: Critters and Fantasies.

Read more of our interview and Schmid’s déjà vus after the jump!

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