We Tried Six Different Types of Ramen from the Market So You Don’t Have to



LFP: “Ramen is best when you are fresh out of the shower. Very Glossier.”


Finals are hard, high sodium intake is easy. Lillian Fox Peckos and I decided to dive into the world of salty, powdered MSG broth and slurp up everything it had to offer. We tried six different types of instant ramen from the market, which made our Old K double smell like dehydrated beef; but alas, it was all in the name of fine cuisine. What were our expectations? Umami.

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10 o’clock list: Where to Eat When Thomas is Closed

Know we know what happened to Psy's horse...

At least now we know what happened to Psy’s horse…

The only thing more alarming than the clock disappearance may be the number of times that Thomas has been closed since classes resumed. Whether it is just an influx of alumni, or an AVI conspiracy to make sure that the non-Great Hall-inclined have to battle each other for space downstairs, The Thrill has you covered. Read on to find our suggestions on where you can take your Gangnam Style Beef Shank and eat it in style:

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