Yik Yak: Let’s Talk About It

The title of this article seems to speak for itself, but I figured it was about time that someone opened up the floor to discuss the madness that is Yik Yak. For those of you unfamiliar, Yik Yak is an app that allows users to post messages anonymously. You can view comments from anyone that is within a five mile radius of your current location. Users can comment, as well as  “upvote” or “downvote” a message. The app was taken down for sometime, but college students everywhere have decided to resurrect it. I’m sure as you can imagine, that shit got weird fast. 

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For You…


As I walked towards Peirce this morning, in the blowing winds, I noticed, half buried by the snow, an envelope reading “For You.” My curiosity piqued, I peered inside, only to discover an empty envelope. Confused, but thinking little of it, I continued on my way, but not ten feet later another envelope, bearing the same message, jutted out of the snow. This one too was empty, but now I kept a watch for these mysterious messages. Just outside the Gates of Hell I was rewarded. A full envelope lay at my feet. I snatched it up, but then hesitated, “what if this was something personal, a love letter, did I want to violate their privacy?” My curiosity won me over and I pulled from within the envelope a handwritten letter (small nib fountain pen by the looks of it). Expecting to find a someone’s personal note to a friend or loved one, I found a letter addressed simply to “Anyone, Someone” This is what I read: Continue reading