It Happened to Me: I Saw the Face of the Devil and It Squeaked at Me


even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me


This post was guest written by Sean Seu ’19. 

There have been several times throughout the years when I have considered dropping out of Kenyon College. For instance, the time my freshman-year roommate caught me in nothing but my underwear performing dance-aerobics to Madonna’s iconic anthology Immaculate Collection. Or my sophomore year, when I peed on my leg in the third-floor Olin double-stall bathroom and had to walk through the deafening silence of the periodicals. Or, even worse, when Erica Christie ’19 broke my car key as she thirstily tried to uncork a bottle of Merlot. But never have I been so close to dropping out of this god-forsaken hole of freudian misery than the first week of Spring Semester 2018. An ominous shadow had cast itself upon New Apartment F6. The Era of the Rat was upon us.   Continue reading


Kenyon’s Secret Zoo: An Interview with Student Pet Owners


Cecil the rat.

How do you gain temporary celebrity status on a college campus? Animals. Find one, walk one, ride one, become one. Whatever. Animals are synonymous with instant popularity. If you don’t have that feline feelin’ and aren’t ready to make the conversion to a stray cat, fear not. Whether you’re seeking stardom or simply going through fuzzy-wuzzy withdrawal, having a clandestine dorm pet seems to do the job. We talked to a few students to get a glimpse of life with a four-legged roommate.

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