10 o’clock list: The Thrill’s Lows

It was truly an end of an era.

It was truly the end of an era.

As my eighth grade heroine Hannah Montana once said, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” We at The Thrill understand this. As our commenters love to point out, we have a lot of those days. Here are some particular days where we at The Thrill have groaned and hung our heads in shame. Read on and revel in our grief, dear readers.

1. That Time We Got Shut Down. Though it turned out to be a misunderstanding, on April 21, 2014, we received word from WordPress that the blog had been shut down. We were convinced that our completely normal and legitimate 4/20 content had been the demise of the blog, which would be a pretty smokin’ way to go (pun totally intended). But, beating the U.S. government, our shutdown lasted less than a day and we were soon back and as mediocre as ever.

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Help Us Get A Poster in the Library

Lists are the new novels.

Lists are the new novels.


We at The Thrill hate talking about ourselves. We really do. Like, it pains us.

But there is this one thing. Ever since The Thrill was a little blog baby, we have dreamed of one thing: Getting laid because of this blog. Being an icon for literacy in the Kenyon Community. Which is why, today, we are launching a campaign to get the Thrill staff on one of those “Read” posters they put up in the library. Continue reading