Weekend Drink: Reading Days Cider

Here's the majestic view you can stare blissfully while you ease back pretend there's nothing else you need to be doing

Here’s the majestic view you can stare blissfully while you ease back pretend there’s nothing else you need to be doing.

Well, Fall is here, and as is tradition, so is pumpkin flavoring.  Pumpkin flavored everything.  Coffee, cake, cookies, water, pumpkins…the list goes on and on.  And on.  (Until December rolls around, which it’s then immediately replaced with peppermint.)  Anyway, despite my prejudice against the sickening cascade of pumpkin that’s about to descend upon us all, it’s Reading Days!  So relax, sit out on a porch somewhere before it gets too cold, and watch the leaves change color while you still can.  Or before you have to finally get to all that work you’re actively ignoring right now. Here’s a drink to complement the perfect weather and the fact that we (pretend we) don’t have any work to do:

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Weekend Playlist: Reading Days

Reading Days – spend them with people you love.

Hey y’all – your friendly Thrill music guru Dan Rasch here.  If we haven’t already been introduced, I’m the guy who takes it upon himself to ensure that your ears are consistently up to speed with the latest in Kenyon music, as well as anything else out there I think you should be listening to.

Reading Days (“Fall Break“) has become a kind of sacred holiday while I’ve been here: four days of (mostly) work-free time spent chilling with friends, exploring the greater Gambier area, and basking in the only consistently awesome period of weather we get all year. Seriously. This is going on my fourth year at Kenyon and Reading Days has NEVER seen a raincloud. Fingers crossed, of course, but it’s looking like this year will be no exception.

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Reading Days Soundtrack

Reading days is a time for leisurely walks through autumn afternoons, settling in with a book, and the occasional debaucheries on an eve with no looming classes. For those of you staying behind, this playlist is for you.  If you are departing from the hill, feel free to listen in as well and live vicariously through song.

Time and Place: Wednesday Right After Your Last Class

Post-War by M. Ward

For many of us, Reading Days presents a much-needed respite from the battlefield of tests and papers. M. Ward gets it. Let Ward’s gentle, rasping lyrics decompress you and wash you over with the cooling sensation of being “post-war,” if you will.

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Uphill/Downhill: Reading Daze and the Devil

It’s time for another Uphill/Downhill! Arguably though, this could have been done yesterday, halfway though our work week.

Uphill: Reading Days — That special time when we can let our hair down from the first few weeks of classes. Finally we have settled in and the real work is beginning, so I guess that makes it ok to take a little break. Not sure that they even call it “Reading Days” anymore. I think more people are just referring to it as October Break or Reading Daze.  I can’t wait to try a new beer from the market and maybe get a little pleasure reading done. I hope you will all follow my lead.

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First-Year Expectations: Reading Days

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

First-years: Expect complete pandemonium and James Franco.

Reading Days start tomorrow, and first-years are getting excited. We’ve been here at Kenyon for seven weeks now, and while the experience is going great so far, we need sleep. And haircuts. And civilization. A lucky few will go home for the first time to see high school friends and family. Others will lie in their dorm bed and twitch in hopes that someone will bring them ramen or beer. Either way, we all have finished that last English paper, “aced” that last lab, and scored that last goal. We deserve this break. Continue reading