What to do With Your Fall Break

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Hello and welcome to The Thrill‘s guide to navigating a long weekend on the hill! Considering it’s our only casual break in the academic year, reading days are a big deal here. We’re not getting time off for a holiday, but we’re not getting a whole week to just travel to wherever-the-hell, so a lot of students stay on campus and get creative with their freedom. Plenty of people are content with relaxing their Daze away and taking advantage of the breathing space the break gives them. But for the others who maybe want to try something new, boy oh boy do we have a few tricks up our sleeves for you!

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Reading Daze, Succinctly

All of these people once experienced reading daze

All of these people once experienced reading daze

So. The school gave you a whole four days to catch up on your work and study for your midterms, and you spent it in bed watching Gilmore Girls. It’s okay, you’re not alone. The following are one-sentence encapsulations of the long weekend, made anonymous to protect the innocent:

“Sleeps and weeps.”

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How to Be a Person: Where to Buy Drugs

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Reading Daze are on the horizon and we all know what that means. It is time to buy some drugs. That’s right. I said it. Drugs. So, on to the question you are all asking. Where is the best place to obtain some of these so called drugs? Is there a special secret section of Rite Aid that will have all the supplies I need to make this weekend as hazy dazy as possible? Well folks, here is your answer. Continue reading

Gossip from the Hill, Reading Daze Edition


Ahoy Matey

I’m back Kenyon and I’ve been storing up a good load of gossip from these four Reading Days (or should I say daze, Olin was positively empty).

Spotted everywhere, Safety officers. Boy oh boy, it seems like students just can’t keep their parties under control this year! I get that it was your birthday, but whoever tried to recreate this in their NCA has to remember that we are on a college campus, not a Carnival Cruise. And rugby players, I get that you have to go H.A.M. on the field, but the refs here care when you break things. ‘Course, I’d rather be busted by Safety than die of boredom in the Bullseye. The DKEs were not on their game this weekend: closed down by 1:30 on a Saturday night? I expect better. What are all of us to do?  Continue reading

A Guide to Life: Reading Daze

This piece was written by Rocky and Bullwinkle. We want to introduce/welcome you back to a famous holiday hosted here on Kenyon’s very own campus. It began, a long, long time ago as a time to study your little patooties off before midterms. It soon became apparent that this was a chance to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Yet nothing changed. Until last year, when the administration finally re-titled this four-day wonderland Fall Break. We hope that you enjoy your holiday, friends.

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