How to Be a Grown-Up: Meeting with the CDO for Real Life

Close enough.

It’s no secret that the CDO can be an über unattainable idea of a place. What do they do? Who are they? Why does Scott Layson call himself the CDOgre? Why are his emails so freaking sneaky? Well, I can’t answer the ones about Scott Layson being the biggest trickster in my life but The Thrill IS here to explain how to make the best out of your visit to the CDO so that you can go on to the career or grad school of your tiny dreams.

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Friendly Reminder: Add/Drop is ending

20120123-092128.jpgHey reader, I see you there, struggling with your work. That seminar you signed up for is a little harder than you thought, isn’t it? We’ve all been there. Never fear!* You still have 28 hours and 30 minutes until the Add/Drop period ends. Take advantage of the Add/Drop period while you can; this writer is fairly certain that it doesn’t exist with real life things (getting a job, getting married, having kids**).  Get your forms in quick, though; Murphy’s Law says you won’t be able to get it signed.

*This will not take away the awkwardness of telling a Professor you dropped their class. It’s a feeling akin to seeing an Old Kenyon DFMO on Middle Path.
**Actually, it exists for all those things, it’s just a whole lot more than a half sheet of paper.