“Wow, People Are Really Bad At This” Thoughts from the Recycling Center

This article is a contribution written by Mallory Richards!


Upon unearthing my first and hopefully last butt plug in the ‘papers’ heap of student recycling, I thought to myself “Hey, why would someone think this is recyclable?” (Other questions, too profane to publish, also raced through my mind).

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How to Be a[n Eco-Savvy] Person: Recycling Etiquette


You don’t have to believe the hippies and tree-huggers about global warming (what a joke, right?), but recycling just makes sense. Why make something from scratch if you can reuse what you’ve already made? But even on a campus where most of us are at least occasionally guilty about our carbon footprint, we miss all kinds of easy opportunities to help keep this place green.  Continue reading

Your Guide to Recycling at Kenyon

[Ed.: This post originally appeared on The Thrill last semester, but we could all benefit from another look at this handy recycling guide.]

You may or may not be aware of this, but Kenyon College recycles! That’s right, all those cans of Keystone we thoughtlessly throw into the trash each weekend should actually be going into recycling bins instead. There may be some confusion as to what specifically can be recycled, but as always The Thrill is here to help. I’m proud to present our unofficial guide to recycling. Remember, the power is yours.

Feel free to download, print, and put up in your residence hall.

Read on for additional recycling intricacies.

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10 o’clock list: Top Five Things to Do With Disposable Peirce Cups

This pile will turn into a mountain by the end of the week. (Photo by Leslie Martin for the Thrill)

Chances are that with each day finals get closer, your coffee intake increases. Logically then, you’ll probably start burning through those disposable coffee cups like Kenyon toilet paper.  Sorry if that image just ruined whatever comfort food you’re preemptively pounding prior to your f@#$%*! finals freakout (what’s good Alliterati? Just kidding, there is no such secret society slinking slyly in sylvan shadows). Multiple alliteration jokes, it must be really getting close to Armageddon on the hill, I hope you will accept my apology. If you don’t, I guess we’ll have some sort of literarily inspired beef in a way so quintessentially Kenyon we’ll earn a spot on the website photo wall. Things are looking up already hater.

Back to the point though, with all these to-go cups circulating, what’s the point in throwing them out? Trayless Tuesdays and Thursdays taught me that it’s all about sustainability these days, so with that in my heart and mind, I present the Top Five Things to Do With Disposable Peirce Cups after the jump!

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