What Could Have Been: Classes I Wish I Took

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Registration is coming! Along with the rush I get considering which classes to take, I am struck with a sense of regret for what could have been. With a dwindling amount of time left at Kenyon, and only twelve more possible classes left in my college career, I can’t help but ruminate on the classes I wish I had taken.

But, it’s never too late! We all have at least one semester left, full of possibility.

So, here’s a curated searchable schedule: a consideration of the could haves and could be’s. Here are some classes that are unique and COOL because of the experience they provide, their approach, or simply their subject matter. Continue reading

10 o’ clock list: Haikus Nobody Asked For

As a Kenyon student, I find the only appropriate and rewarding form of expression to be that of the written word so it made sense to manifest some of the raging emotions into haikus. I’ll (graciously) accept my award from the English department whenever they’re ready.

1.  On the twenty-third,

I must battle for my sched

And for my housing

Who did this to us?

We are so vulnerable

Please…some compassion

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How to Survive Course Registration

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It’s that time of year again; the searchable schedule is up, the emails are out, and pretty soon you’ve gotta register. You could go somewhere with good wifi (aka nowhere in lower Peirce), login early, and make sure you have at least 3 alternates. However, I think there might be a better option.

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10 o’clock list: Reasons the Sophomore Slump is Real

We will get through this with finesse, sophomores.

We will get through this with finesse, sophomores.

Sophomore year starts with such hope. Your first year is over, and you begin to hope that your college experience will continue on the exponential rise you got into at the end of last year. However, as hard as you may fight the “sophomore slump,” it came as sure as the first snow came to Gambier before Thanksgiving. For those of you who don’t believe in this phenomenon, here are a few ways you might be experiencing it and you just don’t even realize it yet.

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How to Be a Person: Getting into the Classes You Want


The sky is darkening. Rain drops that may soon turn into snow drops are pouring down on us from the sky and second semester registration time is upon us. While some may see this as a cause of stress and/or befuddlement, I see this as a time of immense excitement. It’s like that time in middle school right before school started when your parents took you to Staples and you got to run through every aisle grabbing color coded folders and pens and stickers… the pure magic of possibility. We can have all of that magical possibility once again! It is all within our reach. But wait, you unfortunately ended up in an 8:10 lecture style class on the ins and outs of accounting. Everything is ruined now. Don’t let this happen to you! You can absolutely get into all of the classes that you want*, just follow these simple steps. Continue reading