The Stars Have Spoken… Again.

Oh…oh no. November looks interesting…. (via

In case you missed the memo, it’s November. If that leaves you with a cold sense of dread (or a chilly attitude toward the next person who mentions that it’s November) – fear not! The Thrill has once again provided you another round of stunningly accurate and useful readings for the month ahead.

Aries– Careful of your FB page – pictures of you grinding on the Nuge at D-Cat’s gala will hit the Internet before long. Continue reading

Find Your Address So You Can Vote in Ohio

The Republican National Convention is over which means everyone actually needs to  finally register (or re-register) to vote. There are mail-in Ohio voter registration forms right next to the Drop/Add forms outside the Registrar (Edwards House). Kenyon makes it so easy!

Remember, you must re-register every year, even if you live in the same building as last year. Here is a list of all the college building street addresses. Again: easy!

Let’s make sure Kenyon has as big of a voting turnout this November as it did in November of 2004. But also let’s hope for more poling places.

Liveblog: Sophomore Web Registration

Here, we liveblog the course selection apocalypse.

11:00: I have entered into one of the glass rooms at the end of Tomsich, because the internet is supposedly faster here, I need total silence to do this and because I need to be near the forest to benefit from its positive energy.

11:12: Three minutes out. I’m having minor heart palpitations.

11:13: Oh my God, the registrar clock is fast! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!

11:14: I got all of my classes. The adrenaline is still coursing through my veins.

11:15: Just realized how much reading I’m going to have next semester. The palpitations are back.