The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: Ate an Entire Goddamn Plate of Sugar Pasta

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Not nearly as appetizing as Buddy the Elf makes it look (via

Sophomores have just turned in their abroad applications for next year, so I’ve heard a lot of buzz from underclassmen recently about their hopes and dreams for their semester out in the big bad world. In a lot of ways, I’m pumped for you kiddos–my time abroad last semester was amazing, and I came away with a lot of new ideas, new friends, and new pictures to use for my Facebook header whenever I feel like it’s been the same for too long (oh yeah that is a picture of me in a castle–I’m just soooo well-travelled). But I also kind of want to sit y’all down and make sure you know that you’re just as likely (if not more so) to have awkward and embarrassing experiences in another country as you are on your home turf.

Going abroad is a mixed bag: sometimes you have a phenomenal experience taking tequila shots with strangers at a Dutch queer party, and sometimes you accidentally put sugar in your pasta at a fancy restaurant and end up eating an entire goddamn plate of sugar pasta.

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