10 o’clock list: Places to “Honeymoon” After Getting Kenyon Married

As a first-year, I am merely an outside observer of the concept of “Kenyon Married”. I am the accidental child brought into an adult-only romantic dinner at the quirkiest all-inclusive resort of all time. Except instead of a resort, I am referring to our fine liberal arts institution.

I got here a little over a month ago, so it is understandable and expected for me to not be “Kenyon Married”, or even “Kenyon Engaged”. I would argue that this perspective puts me in a prime position to make unbiased suggestions about other people’s relationships.

Or maybe I’m just the strangest combination of a Hopeless Romantic and Jaded Writer Who Likes Making Fun of Things on the Internet to ever grace this site. 

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In the Studio: Annie Blackman ’20


Photo by Jacqueleen Eng ’19

Welcome to In the Studio, a feature dedicated to exploring the fantastic independent musicians at Kenyon. This week, we showcase Annie Blackman, an English major, Thrill Grandma, and singer-songwriter from Montclair, NJ, who is known for artfully crafting melodies and lyrics that evoke a sense of forlornness.  Continue reading

An Exposé on Love, Mail Crime, and Kenyon’s Finest



Very loosely based on a true story 

It’s a fine fall/summer/swelteringly hot day of 90 degrees at Kenyon. You’re walking down the street and the birds, or should I say the construction sounds, are screeching and you’re headed to the bookstore to pick up your package. It’s your birthday. Mom sent you a box which you can speculate is probably filled with candy, cough drops, cough medicine, allergy medicine, tea, more tea, some more tea, your retainer that you “forgot at home”, and finally your birthday present which is a nice fat check. You stroll into the bookstore, down the stairs, and you wait on line behind all the sweaty students until finally it’s your turn. You say your name casually looking down at your phone, but wait there’s more. As the nice woman begins to inform you that they don’t have your package your heart begins to sink. Not have my package?? It’s my birthday! I got an email! You begin to explain the situation. You show them your email you state your name. With a confused look the nice woman breaks the news: Someone. Stole. Your. Package.

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Are you sick of walking down Middle Path just to realize that every face you pass is unfamiliar? Do you crave the sensation of gently caressing another person’s hand as you reach for the same Chipotle mayo bottle? Or are you just looking for something beyond the bizarre Kenyon hookup culture for a meaningful conversation on the middle of New Side?

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Relationship Status at Kenyon

Love at Kenyon

It’s Valentines Day, and whether you are single or taken right now you may be thinking about your relationship status. Three of our writers sound off below about their experiences with love.

Relationships at Kenyon: 

Finding love in this club is no easy task–and actively searching for it often seems to yield little success. However, when you do find yourself stumbling into a relationship, the work doesn’t stop. Many people enter their Kenyon career having dated just a little or not at all, leaving them with little direction in navigating Kenyon romance. Maybe I don’t want just casual sex, but a relationship is too formal? What if we did an open relationship? Maybe I’m not ready for this.–the questions abound.

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How to be a Person: Visiting your Long-Distance Bae

This is literally the worst thing I've ever seen. (via twyxt.us)

This is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. (via twyxt.us)

It’s the first day of Fall Break. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and some of us are smoochin’ on our cuties for the first time in several months. If you’re visiting a special friend this weekend, you’re probably feeling as light and frothily happy as I am right now. But in the midst of all these smiles and hugs and idyllic walks through parks (probably), you’re gonna need to face some facts. Making the most of your visit takes MAJOR BRAINS. I’ve been in three (count ’em, three) long distance relationships, and only one of them has been actually bearable and like fun and stuff. Here are some tips on LDR visits that I’ve picked up during my trip down ~*LoVeR’s LaNe*~:

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