Housing Lottery Changes

dreams of suburbia

In an email sent out to the student body today, the Office of Housing and Residential Life highlighted changes to this year’s housing lottery. Here’s what’s going to be different:

No separate NCA lottery. Citing reasons of too much paperwork for both staff and students, this process will be integrated into the regular housing lottery.

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Treat Yo’ Self: Post-Housing Lottery

Effie Trinket, ResLife’s newest star employee.

Well, after experiencing my first official Kenyon Housing Lottery I can tell you one thing — it sucked. It was a long, boring, anxiety-inducing stretch of afternoon spent sitting around on uncomfortable bleachers watching my friends stress-eat large amounts of candy. I got the housing I wanted, thankfully, but I’m still a little shaken up by the entire process in general. If you didn’t get what you wanted, or have ever felt personally victimized by the Housing Lottery, then here are a few tips for treatin’ yo self.

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