10 o’clock list: Where I Was and What I Was Doing When I Remembered I am a Human Being with Responsibilities

Hey everyone, I’ll level with you: I have not been on the ball recently. I’ve been shirking some responsibilities and losing sleep and just generally been fucking up in small, concurrent ways for about a week now. And yeah, this is nothing new, and yeah, I’ll definitely get out of this one (fingers crossed, knock on wood, god I hope this isn’t jinxing anything) but still, the past handful of days have been a little rocky. Mostly this manifests itself in me, smack dab in the middle of a conversation or a Lisa omelette, suddenly, crushingly realizing that there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing. 

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How to be a Person: Keep Track of Your Papers


As the end of the semester draws nigh, it is important that we gather up all our old tests and quizzes, and those info sheets our professors passed out the first week of classes that we promptly stuck in our notebooks and forgot about. What’s more, as we prepare to leave Gambier for the summer we find bank statements, driver’s license renewal information, and god knows what other important documents that we received in the mail and never bothered to look at.  Apparently out in the real word it is important to keep track of these things. Continue reading