Kenyon Fanfiction: A Review

Jasper Hale can't get enough of the BFEC

Jasper Hale can’t get enough of the BFEC

It’s no secret that I read a lot of fanfiction. In fact, I’d even consider myself a connoisseur. Over the years, I’ve read some crazy stuff–including some stories set at Kenyon. I couldn’t tell you what compelled me to type “Kenyon college fanfiction” into Google, but I was very pleased to get three results. Continue reading

Kenyon Confessions: A Review

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So gross, but so funny.

Seems like there is new Kenyon-specific Twitter, Facebook page, or Tumblr every week. It felt appropriate to post this one, which shifts between a little too confessional and a great read. I thought I would highlight some of my favorites and give our readers the real range of posts that the page is getting. Like most of the other pages, we have no leads on who started it or why.

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Review: The New

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The year Kenyon launched the previous iteration of its website, 2008, was actually not a bad one for the Internet. Probably most notable about that year is that the web — along with a bad economy, a great candidate, and a bunch of other stuff — got a president elected by providing a platform on which supporters could engage with the campaign. But between then and election night four years later — an Internet eternity — Kenyon’s website hadn’t changed at all.

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Flash Review: Post Grad

Photocred: Facebook.

Photocred: Facebook.

Have you ever watched the television show Girls and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if they all just burst into song?” No? Just me? Don’t worry–musical theater has a long, rich history of giving viewers everything they had no idea they wanted: Russian Jews singing about arranged marriages? Check. Cheery Austrian governesses singing to escape the Nazi menace? Check. People pretending to be cats pretending to be cats that act like people? Check. Post Grad, a wonderful new musical written by Beth Hyland ’13 and directed by Emma Miller ’15, is similarly unexpected, but singularly soulful and charming.

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A First Glance at Wiggin Street Coffee

This post comes to us from Oli Olufemi ’14. 

The opening of Wiggin Street Coffee this morning was glorious! The very exclusive breakfast club, which includes the likes of Mrs. and Mr. Kluge, as well as Peter Rutkoff, claimed early their rightful position at the head of the newly decorated cafe. They all voiced their approval, which means WSC is obviously in business. A few students had already settled in and after a few moments of panic when we struggled to locate outlets, everything was chill.