We Tried Six Different Types of Ramen from the Market So You Don’t Have to



LFP: “Ramen is best when you are fresh out of the shower. Very Glossier.”


Finals are hard, high sodium intake is easy. Lillian Fox Peckos and I decided to dive into the world of salty, powdered MSG broth and slurp up everything it had to offer. We tried six different types of instant ramen from the market, which made our Old K double smell like dehydrated beef; but alas, it was all in the name of fine cuisine. What were our expectations? Umami.

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Goat Tacos: A Review


Yesterday, via Facebook, Peirce announced a special menu item. Goat tacos. Initial reactions were mixed, and Middle Path buzzed with confusion, horror, excitement, and hunger. While students’ stances varied on the ethics and appeal of the tacos, curiosity consumed all. Today, I put aside my hesitation, tried the goat tacos, and between bites, got insight on the opinions of my peers.

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Entertainment Weekly Gives “Liberal Arts” an A- Review

Sure, it may not be quite as prestigious as NPR or The New York Times, but Entertainment Weekly is still a major publication, and seemingly one of the first to review Liberal Arts positively. EW calls it “the wittiest, most perceptive campus comedy in years,” and takes a more positive view of Radnor’s acting. Instead of being “smug [and] obsequious,” as the Times called him, EW‘s Owen Gleiberman sees him more as “Paul Rudd’s puppyish cousin.” No mention of Kenyon in this review, but the campus setting is again referred to as “leafy,” which is the best thing the Times bothered to say about us, but this time also adding “idyllic.”