Faculty Rap Names: Your Professor’s Secret Past as a Straight-Up G


What/what/what/what? You thought your professors were some vanilla-ass intellectu-fools? Well you better think again because lil’ Sing Sing aka Sassy W might just be teaching your history of India class. And who knew Ragin’ C Mastastrangelove was coordinating your student activities? Now for a brief introduction to the underground rap community that you never knew we had.

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10 o’clock(ish) List: The Top 5 Faculty/Staff Names at Kenyon

There are some pretty cool people who work at Kenyon, and some of them have pretty cool names. Here are the top five names I, whose full meh-moniker is David James Hoyt, envy.

5. Anna Xiao Dong Sun (Assistant Professor of Sociology): You know why. (What’s that? You don’t know why?)

4. Pamela G. Camerra-Rowe (John B. McCoy Bank One Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Political Science): This isn’t so much because of her name, but because of her sprawling title. Imagine fitting that on a business card! Camerra-Rowe also goes by the (affectionate) nickname “Pamela C-Minus Rowe.”

3. Royal W. Rhodes, (Donald L. Rogan Professor of Religious Studies): His first name is Royal! So classy. The alliteration doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Barbara J. Hammer (Telecommunications Officer in the Department of Campus Safety): This is such a cool name for a Campus Safety officer. Don’t drink in first-year areas, or else THE HAMMER WILL COME DOWN ON YOU!

And after the jump…the number one name at Kenyon!

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