It Happened To Us: Rihanna Stole Our Money


I’m sure you’ve also been targeted by Kate Hudson’s notorious Fabletics scam somewhere on your Facebook feed. I’m usually pretty cautious of falling into traps of 30 day trials and VIP packages of B-List celebrity workout clothing. So I never thought International Sensation Rihanna would be the one to bring me down. To bring us all down. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Math Terms as Defined by the Math-Averse

Math is hard sometimes (via

Math is hard sometimes (via

Apart from myself, none of the Thrill editors have taken a math class beyond Calculus. So of course, it seemed natural for all of them to attempt to define the various terms used in upper level math classes. Over the last few days, they have pondered deeply over what things like “Moment-generating functions” and “Markov processes” could mean. Here are their almost-accurate definitions:

  1. Drake Equation—The law that states that after dating a terrible asshole for X given amount of time (Chris Brown), the universe will always give a person (Rihanna) a much better Y value of a boyfriend (Drake. Drake and Rihanna are dating.)   Continue reading