Weekend Playlist: Road Trip Tunes

indexRoad trips are one of my favorite parts of going to school in Ohio (sorry, I know it’s bad for the environment but gotta live man). With that, I grant you some tunes to mellow your road rage and others keep you awake for the long drive home. And if you don’t have a long trip home then you can just leave. Continue reading

A Road Trip Playlist


Loving Kenyon is sometimes like driving a Maserati down a dead end street, so it’s a good thing that spring break is coming up. The tide is high and I’m holding on, but I’ve got 9 hours to drive before I sleep. Life is a highway, and I want to ride it all night long etc., etc.

Anyway, if you’re driving anywhere this break, here are a few categories of songs you might listen to over the course of your trip. Nothing is worse than a drive where you don’t have music.

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We Drove Home for Thanksgiving: Vol. 2

Our journey to New York began at 6:00 a.m. outside the Health and Counseling Center, where our car owner had parked illegally the night before, rationalizing that “they can’t give me a ticket if I’m parked outside the Counseling Center because it looks like I had a breakdown and was too distraught to move my car.” (Note — this is not a thing. She got a ticket. You will get a ticket.) We sailed off into the Ohio sunrise, arguing over directions and joyfully singing along to Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game.” Then we braided each other’s hair and all got our periods at the same time. All-girl roadtrips are the best.

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We Drove Home for Thanksgiving: Part I

Bored and blurry road trip photo by Catherine Dwyer ’14

Everyone knows that the unhappy people create the best art. That’s why we made our whole staff drive home for Thanksgiving. Nothing makes cheerful writers more unhappy (and therefor productive) than being forced to sit in a moving vehicle for 6+ hours! To further elicit their bad humor, we told our staff to write about their experiences and gave them a pressing deadline for the assignment. Ha ha, just kidding, we did not force staff members to drive home for break, but we did ask those who drove home to submit road trip summaries. Read the art that our writer’s suffering produced after the jump.

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