Kenyon Employee Appears in Obama Campaign Ad

Compton in a still from the ad.

Today has been a busy day for Kenyon in national politics. First we found out that possible Romney VP pick Rob Portman is going to be riding in Pelotonia tomorrow, and now we learn that Kenyon’s Director of Regional Events for the Office of Alumni and Parent programs, Alexandra Compton, is featured in a new Obama campaign ad. The Atlantic has the story, and video of the ad, here. In the ad, Compton and several other women discuss women’s health issues and how they would be negatively affected by a Romney presidency.

Can’t Wait to Vote for Mitt in the Ohio Primary? Why Not Vote Now?

That glint in his eye is him anticipating a delicious Ohio victory, and maybe a bowl of Cincinnati Chili.

The friendly folks over at 10TV—Central Ohio’s news leader!—remind us that, while Ohio’s Republican primary election doesn’t officially occur until March 6, early voting has already started. Voters can cast their ballots between now and March 2, either by absentee mail-in ballot or at county election boards. Unfortunately, Ohio does not have open primaries, limiting mischievous Democrats’ ability to wreak electoral havoc by voting for Rick Santorum or writing in Herman Cain or what not. On the off chance that you are a real live Kenyon Republican, however, keep in mind that March 6 is during Spring Break, so you definitely want to take advantage of early voting. (Of course, this only applies if you vote in Ohio but are originally from out of state.)

10 o’clock list: Top Five Places to Vacation If You Made $27 Million Last Year

This is going to be Mitt's best spring break since daddy took him to New York that one time!

Let’s face it: winter is depressing. Days are shorter. We even have had a dance to make sure we still knew how to clean up well. Personally, I’m already looking forward to Spring Break. I’d like to go somewhere exotic or clichéd, but I don’t know how to save my money. However, having had a glimpse of how to turn nothing into something, I thought, Where would I go if I were Mitt Romney? I’ve done some speculating below:

5) St. Barts: Because you can blend in with other rich people.

4) Iowa: Because it turns out you actually lost there and should have to eat a stick of fried butter.

3) Disneyland: Because you want to be around someone who’s actually excited to see you.

2) Switzerland: Because you used to shelter your money there.

1) Washington, D.C: Because you know in your heart you won’t be living there next  year.


The GOP race, work galore and the comeback of Nite Bites OH MY!

Uphill: GOP Nomination Race — Ahh, now there’s something to watch.  Considering the result of the South Carolina primary, it now seems we have a real race on our hands.  Here’s to competition!  My suggestion? Having just read The Hunger Games over break, I suggest that we pit Romney against Gingrich in a literal battle arena.  Now that’s what I call entertainment! I can see it now, CNN would be all over it.  Instead of campaign contributions we can just send the candidates members medicine and weaponry.*

Downhill: Homework — Now that we are settled back into another semester on this most glorious of hills, it seems the real work is beginning.  With the add/drop period coming to a close, our professors have decided to blindly jump into a full semester’s workload.  Most of them run with blinders on, paying no attention to the fact that there are other courses in our schedules.  Much like the childhood fantasy that our teachers live at school (was that just me?), the tables have turned, and now it is the fantasy of our professors that we attend but one class a week (not 100% sure what they think we do the rest of the time).  Note: if you are a senior working on comps, you have been hard at work for a while now.  If that is the case, Downhill is the weather, I guess?  Having to figure out the rest of your life?

*If you have been living under a rock and have not gotten to read The Hunger Games, I pity you, and the last few sentences have not made much sense (for reasons other than my terrible writing).