RONDAC: Expedition conducts research to learn more about Adirondack and their Ohio habitat

Meet Crystal! Crystal is a beautiful 2-year old Adirondack (Adirous Rondackii) from the Ohio Valley. Her hard shell is made from 11 flat Oak boards which she uses to stay completely still even in the presence of a predator. We found Crystal completely beached atop a grassy knoll on August 24th, 2015. She was on her side and hurting badly. Her boards were badly damaged, and her breathing had reached dangerously low levels. (Adirondacks only breath through their mouth. Sideways beaching causes mucus to build up in airways, impairing normal breathing patterns.) In lieu of recent scientific attempts related to telemetry (tracking), we decided to tag Crystal as we saved her from near death and track her whereabouts thereafter. Thus, our collaborative database — RONDAC — was born.

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