10 o’clock list: The Gambier Raccoons Most Likely to be Diligently Plotting Your Ruin

May is at last upon us which means that the raccoons we’ve dearly missed over the winter are finally arriving in droves across the midwest as they complete their months-long, multigenerational migration from Central Mexico. But just because most members of Procyon lotor sustain themselves off of nectar and trash doesn’t mean that some especially depraved individuals aren’t out for blood.

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Kenyon Cadavers: Worms on the Rugby Field

Kenyon's Rugby pitch - home to all the ruggers and a whole lot of worms.

Kenyon’s Rugby pitch – home to all the ruggers and a whole lot of worms.

In this post, we’ll be discussing gross stuff like worms and squishing worms and realizing that you just put your hand on a worm that you probably killed and like maybe  it had a future or kids or some kind of kin and a job that it really liked and so you’re 50% really existentially sad and 50% really grossed out so if either of those things don’t appeal to you, maybe it’d be best to skip out on this one.

If you left your room at all last week, you would have seen that it rained. A lot. And if you spent any amount of time examining the soggy earth during one of these rainstorms, or shortly after maybe you saw a worm or two wriggling its way out of the ground in an attempt not to drown. As cute and confusing as this thought is (are worms semi-aquatic? Why haven’t they evolved gills?) it’s really really gross when you realized you’ve stepped on one.

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Working Out With the Women’s Rugby Team

We’re back with a new edition of Working Out With the Team, a newer feature that gives you a window into the strength/conditioning regimens of various sports teams. Learn from the pros and break free from your routine KAC monotony by trying something new with these intense, but effective, workouts.

This installment was authored by one of our new writers, Kenda Tucker ’18. 

During rugby season, most of our workouts come from the practice themselves. But since the bitter cold has rendered the pitch almost unusable, we get together every so often to do some winter workouts to keep us in shape. Here’s what we do to ensure that we’ll be ready come our spring season. Remember to stretch before and after every workout so your muscles can be safe!

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Kenyon Kults: Rugby


A new feature that The Thrill is starting PREMIERES RIGHT NOW: Kenyon Kults! We evaluate different clubs, teams, bands, blah blah blah and decide whether they are cults or not. The interviewees probably won’t tell us honestly, but as I have previously mentioned, I’m our generation’s Nancy Drew, so don’t worry. The Rugby player that I interviewed asked to remain anonymous because things uh….let’s just say things ‘got real.’

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Weekend Sports Roundup


Courtesy of athletics.kenyon.edu

Sports on the hill took an epic turn this weekend, in my opinion. Swimming season started, the volleyball team snapped a 30-game losing streak on senior day, men’s soccer continued its great season and women’s rugby clinched a playoff berth, all within the span of 24 hours. Here are all of the results, from those matchups and beyond.

Saturday, Oct. 19

Volleyball: home vs. Allegheny College; W 3-0

Men’s Swimming: hosted Kenyon College Relay Meet; 1st place (out of seven teams)

Women’s Swimming: hosted Kenyon College Relay Meet; 2nd place (out of eight teams) Continue reading