BIG NEWS: We Got Yelled At


You may remember that we had a week of initiation events called “Rush the Thrill” in which we hosted bonding events like Hard-Boiled Egg meet and greet, and a Groundhog Day celebration in the graveyard. Well, turns out that when Graham Gund was here a few weeks ago he wasn’t too pleased that we dug a hole in the graveyard and made a bunch of freshman lay in it. I guess it didn’t have enough natural light and didn’t go with the architecture of the Squad. Honestly that’s our bad.

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RUSH THE THRILL! (Schedule of Events)

i spent all week making this poster. I haven't slept. My family doesn't even know if I'm alive

i spent all week making this poster. I haven’t slept. My family doesn’t even know if I’m alive

So we know what you’re going to say–“ugh the thrill is so lame, rush is so LAST week.” But little do you know this was a strategic move on our part. We knew we’d never get any attention during rush week. The fact is, we’re just not as cool as the fraternities and sororities and we have no where near as much Keystone Light to offer you. But now, Greek Rush is over, and you have no choice but to pay attention to us. So listen up!

We’ve compiled a schedule of interesting and fun events to do for rushing. You must attend every single event if you want to be considered for our exclusive society. But don’t worry about that! It’s all about having fun! What better way is there to have fun than with us, The Kenyon Thrill.


Monday, January 30th @ 5 p.m. in Peirce Pub: Hard Boiled Egg Meet and Eat! 

Meet all the members of the thrill while stuffing your mouth hole with delicious hard boiled eggs we blatantly stole from Peirce. It is required that you name your egg, draw a face on it, and introduce it to everyone. At the end, once you and your egg have bonded, you will eat it without mercy to show you’re willing to do anything. This is a test.

Everyone is welcome, please bring friends! 

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