Rush Week Sound Off



look at all those letters

look at all those letters


Rush week is here and there are posters advertising the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in what feels like every bathroom stall on campus. You might be wondering–to rush or not to rush? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer that question! So here are some responses from Thrill Writers and why they did or did not rush.


“Even though all my friends are mighty involved in rush activities, my life is filled with entirely too much general, academic, and professional rushing to find time to participate in social organizations that I have to pay for. Because that’s the thing…you have to pay money to rush; I would rather pay money for a Netflix subscription and lure friends to hang out with me that way. (I’m not against people who rush…Community is important and fun, yo.)” – Anna Libertin ’18


“Joining a sorority was the last thing I thought I’d do when I went to college, However, AST convinced me that Greek life was something I wanted to be a part of. My journey with AST has carried me all the way through realizing the fact that I wasn’t a sister, but a sibling (a.k.a, when I realized I was genderqueer). The women in my sorority have been and continue to be so supportive throughout my transition and have even switched to using more gender-neutral language! Yay AST!” – Cat March ’19


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Sophomore Sound-Off: Rush Week Reflections

greek council

Welcome to rush week, lords and ladies! It’s an exciting and busy time for all involved. We asked our sophomore writers to reflect on their relationship with greek life here at Kenyon. Disclaimer: This post does not aim to reflect the sentiments of Kenyon’s student body as a whole, as these are less than ten voices out of many, many more. Have something thoughtful and constructive to add to the discussion? Comment below!

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10 o’clock list: Five Ways for Non-Rushers to Survive Rush Week

What does this mean so many colors so many lines help please.

So it’s rush week, the signs are are very literally everywhere, and suddenly everyone knows more of the greek alphabet than the Classics department ever taught them. If you’re like me, and not planning on rushing, here are some tips and tricks!

1. Close your eyes when you walk into a bathroom. This might seem a little strange, but it is scientifically proven that 83.6% of all rush week posters are in the bathrooms. (Seriously guys, can’t I pee in peace?) I suggest closing your eyes in every bathroom trip and pretending the posters do not exist. Of course, this has some technical issues we’re still working out, but for now it should do the trick!

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On Topic, Off Topic: “Social” Semester

The social scene is looking pretty dead until April.

On Topic: Rush Week – If you didn’t know already, it’s rush week. For First Years who participate, this can be a very exciting (and sometimes nerve-wrecking) time . Even for those who don’t, it’s hard not to notice that this week is a busy one. With multiple rush events going on each day, The campus feels a little more hectic and happening than we’re used to, especially for the season. But, as many of us know, it will not last.

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