The Monday Catchup 10/5/20

What do you guys think of Swedish fish? I didn’t realize such a standard candy could be so divisive, but recent events have changed my preconceived notions. We just got a very large bag of Swedish Fish, and they’ve caused quite an upset in this household. I have now had a heated debate about those “Scandinavian swimmers” (as Trader Joe’s calls them) not once, not twice, but THRICE in the past 24 hours alone. One of my housemates, who will go unnamed, has developed some hostility for the red gummies, purely based on the choice to include the country of origin in the name of the candy. The hatred has nothing to do with the candy’s taste, only the principle. I don’t understand it myself, and honestly, it just makes me angry. Alright, enough ~catching~ fish (I’M SO FUNNY), let’s get CAUGHT UP.

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