Dear Alum: Rutherford B. Hayes, 1842

Kenyon’s alumni are some of the best and brightest in the world (we happen to think). In this feature, we’ll be celebrating some of our most beloved Kenyon alums with the highest honor any mortal can hope to achieve: notes/letters published on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, the Internet.

What were you hiding in there, Rutherford? (via

Dear President Hayes,

Oh Rutherford, where should we begin? Maybe at the Compromise of 1877? When you ended Reconstruction? And basically screwed over the Black population of the United States? No? Okay. Well. Nah, I’m joshin’ ya, Rutherford. Reconstruction wasn’t going well anyways. Why not follow in such wonderful footsteps as Andrew Johnson. It’s easier that way, Rutherford. Anything to get into the Presidency, right? Continue reading

Made in Peirce: Bougie Tapas Plate


Wigs are required. (via

Have you come to Kenyon and become tired of the same old food served at Peirce?  Do your refined tastes need something a little more bougie?  Perhaps some tapas (click here for pronunciation) is what your fancy stye needs.  Don’t fret, for we at the Thrill have come up with a few delicious recipes for your enjoyment in this installment of Made in Peirce.

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D-Cat and Presidents Past


So, as you all have probably heard, our beloved D-Cat was seen cavorting with the country’s illustrious leader: Barack Obama. This got me into a creative exercise (and possibly a future American Studies project?) thinking about what Sean Decatur would talk about with other American Presidents of the past and future if he had a time machine and could. Continue reading

First-Year Expectations and Realities of Matriculation

signing of the declaration of independence

Signing the Matriculation book will feel like this. Right?


At last, today is the day that first-years become “students.” Apparently, up until now we have been in purgatory and we finally get to take part in yet another ceremony dedicated just to first-years after Orientation. For many, the event could seem odd. Weren’t we officially Kenyon students that time a CA wrote us up in McBride? Nevertheless, Matriculation symbolizes a greater event. Finally we have proven to the Kenyon community that we are worthy to become part of an alumni group that includes presidents, writer, actors, and other notorious people. Frankly, I’m not sure what to expect out of the event. Perhaps some great Kenyon god like Philander Chase will appear and show us the “special” way to fame and success.

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