The Purinton Primer: On The Faithful Shepherdess and H.P. Lovecraft

This is it—my last column for the Thrill. It’s been a great year and, together, we’ve discussed a great many topics. During finals week last semester, I wrote about the types of exams actors take, but this time around, I want to do something more poignant. After all, this is an emotional time for me. On top of this being my last Thrill post, I’ve been going through a lot of lasts recently—last class at Kenyon, last English paper at Kenyon, last concert attended at Kenyon, etc., etc. Therefore, if you’ll let me, I’d like to write about something that I’m really excited about. I honestly can’t imagine another topic that I’d rather discuss. It’s a fascinating discussion, and I think you’ll enjoy it. What is this topic, you ask? What else other than…(drumroll please)… elements of the pastoral in the plays of Jacobean playwright John Fletcher!

I hope you’re excited.

Ben Stein is!

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