The Monday Catchup


RIP :*(

Big stuff happened this past weekend regarding Summer Sendoff, the Cove, and the National Football League. Whether you were sad, jazzed, juiced, or just downright frustrated, today marks the beginning of a new week. Wipe the crust from the corners of your eyes, eat a hearty breakfast hash brown, and get ready for what is ahead.

We’ve compiled a few things that you can look forward to.

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Inside Scoop: The Gambier Water Tower

IMG_0196 Ah yes, my dear, the Gambier water tower. It elicits a great bounty of strange and powerful emotions in the pit of your precious little belly, doesn’t it? It certainly does in mine. Many a time I’ve gazed at it while taking a brisk, reflective, horribly guilt-ridden constitutional following unspeakable acts in and near the Beta Temple. I’ve thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be lovely to scale this mysterious spire and quaff the purifying liquids I know it holds.” You too, right? Why yes, you say? I’m glad we share this impulse. Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that I recently had the pleasure of communing directly with the Tower itself. Read on if you want to know the sweet secrets of its love.

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Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings

Sad Robot EP by Dr_nothings
via bandcamp

via Dr_nothings’ bandcamp

the cat’s in the bag and the bag’s in the river

A voice slinks in over a creeping 6/4 groove, riddled with a celestial “oooh,” or “(( 。o O o 。o O o h ))” as Dan Rasch ’14 writes on his Bandcamp page.

With the coming of 2014, Dan Rasch, aka Dr_nothings, slipped his five song EP, Sad Robot, onto the web. A year in the making, the EP shows careful dedication not only to crafting each song in a unique fashion, but also engineering a myriad of different sounds that coalesce into blankets of complex music. Continue reading

Monday Playlist: Get Your Groove Back

Fun fact: I recently broke up with my boyfriend. It was mutual and we are still friends and all that crap, but I could still use a pick-me-up. (If you see me, feel free to give me a hug.) I need a musical self-esteem shot today, and I can’t be the only one. So, here are a bunch of songs to help you (me) get through a breakup and feel awesome again. I made a “no Beyonce” rule because otherwise it would be all Beyonce.

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