Peirce Date: Was Late, Then We Ate


For those who do not know about Peirce Dates, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know! 

On a brisk Tuesday night at 7:04 pm, two souls became one on New side. Sitting 3 tables away, donning rose gold Beats by Dre, I watched a connection form, and felt time stand still.

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Fringe Cove Menu Items: A Review

Photo credit: David Hoyt, ’14

Until you’re able to get into the Cove and realize it’s actually a source of jello shots served by the tray and weird stories for the next day, it’s a somewhat faceless delivery system of oily oases encased in styrofoam. You wait for the call like you wait for Game of Thrones Season 5, and when it finally comes, tears of joy glisten in your eyes as you go to meet your grease-drenched destiny. Most likely, your orders have consisted of mac and cheese wedges, chicken tenders, fries, or some other common appetizer. Maybe a milkshake here, maybe a pizza there, nothing too wild. But man, have you ever seen that menu? It’s pretty extensive.

We looked at all the possibilities, and saw an opportunity. What does a Cove salad taste like? What hidden gems are there in store? We found out, and are here to tell you all about it.

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