A Happy Coda to Last Fall’s Tragic Knox County Murders

The Columbus Dispatch published a profile today of 14-year-old Sarah Maynard, who was held captive by convicted murderer Matthew Hoffman for 4 days last November. Maynard is “usually happy all the time,” she reports, and plays volleyball and is on the honor roll at school. She hopes to be a pediatrician when she grows up. Knox County Prosecutor John C. Thatcher credits Maynard’s family’s support for Maynard’s well-being; she now lives with her father, stepmother and two younger half brothers in nearby Franklin County.

While Maynard escaped any permanent harm after being bound in Hoffman’s basement, her mother, brother and a family friend were murdered and dismembered by Hoffman, their bodies hidden in a hollow Knox County tree. The story made national headlines, and Kenyon was briefly in the spotlight when campus was locked down after a vehicle involved in the crime was found at the BFEC. Hoffman was sentenced to life in prison and currently resides in the Toledo Correctional Institution.