Musician Profile(s): Comps Extravaganza


Katherine Connolly ’17 conducting an ensemble that’s having a great time

Drumming at the VI.jpg

Tom Cox ’17 playing drum set at the VI to a crowd that’s having a great time (photo by Emma Brown ’17)

This is a series in which we interview a student musician and talk about their involvement in music writing and performance. Today, we have a special profile about three superstars: Katherine Connolly ’17, Tom Cox ’17, and Andrew Perricone ’17, who all speak on their upcoming music comps.  Know a musician you want to see interviewed? Comment below!

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Accepted Students Week: Why You Should Come Here

richard simmons 0812



 If there’s one word that sums up Kenyon’s admissions mantra it’s “quirky”. However, imma have to call bullshit here and try to forgive admissions for consulting the linguistic bubble of I Love Lucy. So here’s the booty-cheddar: what makes Kenyon so great is not that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around, it’s that there’s a bunch of “quirky” people running around with a “you do you” attitude.

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