Science Majors Interpret Campus Modern Art


What’s up, humanities nerds! I’m here to come drop some hard science on your asses! The silent majority is now rising; biologists, chemists, physicists, [Ed: and mathematicians] STAND UP!  It’s time to take our talents to Gambier. You ain’t never seen anything like this. It’s time we put ourselves at the front of your lecture halls and show you our interpretations. Get buckled in, because I’m about to show you what these sculptures really mean.
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10 o’clock list: Sexiest Sculptures on Campus


All around us, the days are getting more beautiful, the prospective students are swarming, and the freshmen are planning this weekend’s “shocking” outfits. However, some things never change, even as the seasons do.  The art around Kenyon is omnipresent, and frankly, kinda sexy. This week, I’m ranking the sexiest public artworks on campus. Continue reading