Super Bowl Recap

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 last night in Super Bowl XLVIII (aka 48). On paper, it was an excellent matchup, the best defense (Seattle) vs. the best offense (Denver), young Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson vs. golden oldie Peyton Manning of the Broncos (on a side note, Wilson was nine years old when Manning started his first NFL game. Weird.) . But it’s safe to say football’s biggest game didn’t turn out the way anyone thought, from the shocking first play to the Seahawks’ 22-point lead at halftime. Even the commercials were a bit anticlimactic, since most of them leaked online the week before. Here are my highlights from the long night. For a complete play-by-play click here.

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Spend a Day in Seattle

It’s that time of the year again: you’re scrambling to find a friend’s house to decamp to for part of spring break, lest you get stuck at home without any of your high school friends to hang out with. Well, whether you have a couch to crash on or not, The Thrill‘s crack travel team has you covered. This is the fourth of five guides to cities around the United States that we’ll be rolling out this week (check out Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Atlanta as well). Safe travels!

If that skyline and that mountain aren't beautiful, I don't know what is. (via livingamused)

Being a Kenyon student from Seattle can be a trying experience. People in Ohio always want to talk about rain when I bring up my hometown, like by mentioning the most prominent Seattle stereotype, they can make a profound connection. Guess what: Seattle actually ranks 44th nationally in annual rainfall, falling behind cities like, say, New Orleans, Miami, Boston and — what’s that? — New York.

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