Secret Halloween: November 1st

Hello readers. I imagine that most of you will be reading this the day after All Hallows’ Eve, long after the ghosts and ghouls have departed. “Rats” you may be thinking to yourself, “If only I could have made more of last night. My fright and scare levels aren’t nearly where they should be.” Well do I have news for you, dear reader. For years, I have been celebrating a bonus holiday, known only to a select few. With this one weird trick, I have circumvented the post-pumpkin blues. And you can too, by celebrating Secret Halloween with me.

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Kenyon Explorer: Math Major Lounges


The secrets of the universe lie beyond these doors (but actually yeah, math is pretty important)

Deep within the recesses of Rutherford B. Hayes Hall lie two rooms, secret but to a few select members of the Kenyon community. From the insides come the low whir of computers, the soft tapping of calculator keys, and the scratch of pen on paper. You reach the doors, scared of what lies beyond only to be stopped dead in your tracks by a locked door and a sign reading “This Space is Reserved for Math Majors Only.”

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