Do It Tonight: Hillel Seder


For all you Jews and non-Jews seeking an enriching cultural experience, join Hillel and your fellow Chosen People for a traditional Passover Seder at Parish House tonight at 5:30. There will be traditional Passover food and traditional Passover wine (Who doesn’t love Manischewitz?) and traditional Passover prayers. Basically, the Jews were slaves in Egypt and then Moses was like, “Lord, help me out here,” and then there was a burning bush, I think, and also 10 plagues, but the Pharaoh was all about the cheap labor and wouldn’t let the Jews go, but then Moses split the Red Sea and the Jews escaped, but they didn’t have time to bake their bread, and that’s why you eat Matzah because it is unleavened. To learn more, go tonight! There is an $8 cost that you can pay at the door, and you probably should have already emailed Marc Bragin at if you intend to attend.

What: Passover Seder
Where: Parish House
When: TONIGHT, Monday, March 25, 2013 at 5:30

Poll Results: Concerning the Religious Weekend

The results are in from yesterday’s poll concerning your debauchery, or lack thereof, on this holiest of all weekends. As of 10:30 this morning, the results for the Passover poll were:

This is less drunkenness than I expected from Kenyon, but still probably a little more than what is actually proper. And it kind of depends on how many of those “no” votes were due to non-drunkenness at a Seder vs. how many were due to not attending a Seder, because it’s possible that we actually had 100% drunkenness among those attending. Lent results after the jump.

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Poll: Concerning the Religious Weekend

Honestly, I'm just confused as to why there are so many pictures of cats with religious garb on the Internet.

In an effort to be respectful of both the Judaic and Christian traditions, the poll this week is dedicated to the Passover Seder and Easter/Lent.

Also, in other EXCITING news, the poll is online this week! Fill in your answers and stay tuned for the results after the jump.

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