10 o’clock list: 5 Seinfeld Quotes for Sendoff

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Seinfeld is probably the greatest television show of the past, present, and future.  Don’t even try to deny it.  It is funny and relatable. In fact, I am a strict adherent to the theory that you can relate any situation or circumstance back to Seinfeld. Kind of like Kevin Bacon. This means that Seinfeld should be connected to goings on at Kenyon.  Even Sendoff.

  1. “You very bad man, Jerry. Very bad man.” (Babu Bhatt) – Make some regrettable life decisions and you’ll be saying this to yourself.  I guess only if your name is Jerry?  The point still stands though that you may be saying some version of this at some point during Sendoff.
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10 o’clock list: Clubs We Should Start

Rock your body. (via beardshall.blogspot.com.)

Rock your body. (via beardshall.blogspot.com.)

Kenyon students love their extracurricular activities. For such a small school, we have an inordinate amount of clubs, societies, and groups that cater to almost any passion you may have. Like equestrian? We got a club. Enjoy classy dancing? There’s a ballroom club that would love to have you. Despite the seemingly countless organizations on campus, there’s alway room for more. Below are some potential clubs that should join the menagerie of groups.

  1. Seinfeld Club. “She’s a Lentz Lady, Jerry! She took me back to her room on Saturday night and started reading me Kafka! Now I see her everywhere, and she always tries to discuss the influence of post-modernism on historical fiction. I’m afraid to go outside. It’s madness, I tell you, madness!” We are all George Costanza. Continue reading