Queer 101: Safe Spaces

This article was co-written by Caitie March ’19 and Sam Roschewsk ’18.

So you’ve probably all noticed our favorite middle path picketers are back. Kenyon is usually a place most of us consider to be a safe space, and to have that violated in such a blatant way, that can be rough. We want to give you some guidelines and helpful tips on how to reclaim your safe spaces, or what to do when your safe space is violated like this.

Safe Mental Places 

The first step to having a safe space is to have a space that is mentally okay for you. You can find a mental safe space by encouraging yourself throughout the day and reminding yourself that who you are is wonderful and what other people says doesn’t matter.

We also know that sometimes that doesn’t do the job. Find people who care about you, and reach out to people who you know accept you for who you are. That might mean searching out a friend on campus, or calling friends or family from back home, whatever works for you!

*Caitie and I, as Queer 101 writers, would like you to know you can feel free to reach out to us at any time if you need to! 

Do something nice for yourself if you’re feeling down, and practice self care. Also, let yourself feel whatever emotions you’re feeling. You might be sad, angry, annoyed, or something else, and that’s okay, your emotions are valid.

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