Kenyon Graffiti: Chalmers Edition

As I sit in the library, contemplating whether I should keep “doing my work” or go home and “clean my room for my parents”, I have decided to do neither of those things, and contribute a second volume to the Kenyon Graffiti feature here at the Thrill. It’s midterms time, but it’s also Saturday, so this is my happy send off to the study carrel scribbles, at least for the afternoon.

If I discovered anything, it’s that when we’re not posting on the internet, we just post on the walls. We say some wise things:

Study Carrel Scribbles 1

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Sendoff Bingo 2014!!!


This one’s for all the marbles. via wikimedia commons

From the mad geniuses who brought you Prospie Bingo comes a next level way to engage your weekend. I give you Sendoff Bingo, the game you never knew you always wished you could play ever since you were little. Keep your eyes open and your mind alert, and never stop dreaming. I believe in you, kid. You could be the best there ever was. The game board is after the jump. Make me proud. Continue reading

Photos From Send-Offs Past

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The Thrill is lucky enough to receive feedback from alumni as well as students.  Recently however, we have also started to get post submissions from alumni as well.  A couple days ago we got some photos from Mike Coltman ’87 from Send-Offs past, we thought it would be a great thing to share as we head into one of the best days of the year.

Editorial: On Send-Off

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mark Coltman '87)

What Send-Off probably should look like (via Mike Coltman ’87)

Editors’ Note: Because the tenor of the comments section for this post has turned vulgar and hostile, forcing us to moderate a number of them, we have closed comments on this post for the time being.

Today the student body of Kenyon College was informed via an e-mail from Tacci Smith that this Saturday, normally known as day 2 of Summer Sendoff, that no Kenyon students would be allowed to register any events on the South Quad. The e-mail from Tacci seems to be an effort on behalf of the College to quickly and quietly bring an end to Summer Sendoff.

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