Students, Alumni and Faculty Remain Concerned About Senior Art Exhibition’s Ambiguous Future



As the second half of the 2015 Senior Studio Art exhibitions open this week, the future of student exhibitions at the Gund Gallery remains unclear.

Although President Decatur announced that the class of 2016’s Studio Art majors will have their senior exhibitions in the gallery in a student-info email on Friday, the exhibitions for the class of 2017 and beyond have not been confirmed.

After an article in the March 26 issue of the Collegian announced that the gallery may discontinue exhibitions of student and faculty work, debates over the gallery’s purpose popped up in the Collegian and online.

Among these reactions was a Facebook page called “A Thousand to One: Supporting Senior Art Majors’ Use of Gund Gallery,” launched by Lucas Pastorfield-Li ’15 to garner support for a petition to ensure future student exhibitions in the space.

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