It Happened to Me: The Drama Department Is Turning Me Into a YouTuber for My Senior Thesis

You might not have heard yet, but we are in the midst of a pandemic. I am a drama major, which has become an increasingly irresponsible life decision. But hey, I’m all about following my heart. I’d follow my heart right off a cliff.

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This Weekend in Kenyon Theatre: Marie Antoinette

Cast members Verity Allen ’13, Sam Whipple ’16, and Samantha Sheahan ’13 get all dolled up (with the help of Asha McAllister ’15)

“It’s kind of like a Marie Antoinette porno,” says director Madeline Jobrack ’13 of Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh, the senior thesis of Verity Allen and Samantha Sheahan which debuted last night. The show—which will also be performed at 8 p.m. tonight in the Hill Theater—tells the story of a love triangle involving the titular French queen (Samantha Sheahan), her portrait painter Elisabeth Vigée le Brun (Verity Allen), and their mutual lover Count Alexis de Ligne (Sam Whipple).

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Flash Review: Baltimore Waltz

Editor’s Note: This review comes to us from Katherine Baker ’14. 

Opening the program for The Baltimore Waltz while sitting in the Hill Theater on Friday as I waited for the play to begin, I was surprised to find a letter accompanying the usual information on director, cast and crew, the command to silence all cell phones and the like.

The letter was from Carl Vogel to his sister, Paula, expressing his wishes for his funeral ceremony as he slowly dies of AIDS. Soon after the death of her brother, Paula Vogel wrote The Baltimore Waltz. The absurd situations of the play carry the same tone of her brother’s letter: humor in the face of death, comfort in the face of tragedy. Continue reading