Seniors Reminisce: Cam’ron

Seniors Reminisce: Cam’ron

Do you know that kind of Friday night; it’s cold outside, nothing (nothing) is happening, and everyone somehow ends up at the only thing that’s going on. So for the fall concert, Cam’ron (of Hey Ma fame) was set to perform at the famed Fall Concert at the Horn Gallery. So you can imagine, it’s a pretty small venue— and when Kenyon students hear of a minor-celebrity-mostly-of-note-from-the-mid-to-late-2000s—THEY COME. So almost everyone gets to the Horn at like 9:30, I didn’t get there until about 9:45. And I am not exaggerating when I say this, there were at least 200 people not even inside the Horn. Mind you it’s…uh… 30 degrees outside. We are deep in the throes of November. People are shoving and pushing. No one is even allowed inside yet, people are banging on the doors. Infrastructure was at a seriously vulnerable moment.

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Seniors Reminisce: End of Freshman Year


Some things never change. via

If there’s one thing seniors love to do, it’s remember freshman year –  after all, there’s nothing quite like thinking about the sweet, innocent child you were just four years ago to make you realize how haggard you’ve become. Today, I forced some fellow seniors to remember the end of their freshman year to rub it in just a little more.

“The power went out in McBride when I was moving out, which was very stressful because I hadn’t started packing and my mom was coming in, like, 3 hours. I made my boyfriend help me do it. There was also garbage everywhere in the hall during move-out – it was like no one had taken their trash out for a month.”

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Seniors Reminisce: The Great Mind-Wipe of 2012

Seniors Reminisce: The Great Mind-Wipe of 2012

Hey, guys! This time for our popular feature, Seniors Reminisce, we decided to ask the class of 2016 about an event most current students aren’t familiar with: The Great Mind-Wipe of 2012. This event was actually a campus-wide tradition going back decades, but was discontinued after the ceremony during our First-Year orientation went so horrifically wrong!  I reached out to my fellow seniors to get their opinions on what went down that fateful night:

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” – Dolly Dandruff

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Seniors Reminisce: The 2012 Election & Michelle Obama Rally

First Lady Michelle Obama addresses a crowd of 1,800 at the Kenyon Athletic Center on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012. (Samuel Colt for The Thrill)

Senior year is trying to say the least. It’s like an emotional ping pong game that flings you between feeling the need to get out and hopeless nostalgia. And a lot of tears. Caught up in all their sentimentality, you might notice that seniors frequently say things like, “The underclassmen will never know…” or “We’ll be the last class to have …” Perhaps one of the most memorable events for the class of 2016 was the 2012 presidential election, which was preceded by Michelle Obama’s rally at the KAC. Here’s what our seniors had to say:  Continue reading

Seniors Reminisce: The Great AllStu War of 2013

In the cold darkness of February 2013, a scourge descended upon Kenyon and laid waste to our tiny school. A simple AllStu, entitled “131 Assassins so far. Are you one?” unleashed a chaos that devoured countless Kenyon emails accounts. What was just an invitation to play an all-campus game became a wasteland of over 120 replies, many of them crying to be released from the chain. While most of the digital fracas was contained to the night of February 27th, the last reply was not sent until more than a month later, on April 5th. We asked a few seniors what they remember about the infamous AllStu War.

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Seniors Reminisce: Food for Thought

It may not be Peirce's birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter '15)

It may not be Peirce’s 85th birthday anymore, but we can still learn from the wisdom of its age. (artwork by Emma Specter ’15)

As I look back at my time here at Kenyon, I think about Peirce. I think about how maybe 75% of my overall time here has been spent at Peirce. If I played a meaningful montage of my college experience, it would probably just be a repeat scene of me laughing with friends in Peirce.* And while you might think that today’s Peirce is just the same as it always has been, then Think Again. Peirce Hall has grown with us over the years, so this is an homage to dishes gone by:

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Seniors Reminisce: Most Missed Outdoor Sitting Spots


This just doesn’t look very comfy. via

Reminiscences are hard after Spring Break, the whole ‘Kenyon Experience’ starts to feel like a blobby mush, and it becomes very hard to pick apart the memories. This is why people keep journals. Recently, it’s been a real fight for the group of adirondacks outside of Rosse Hall and the ones outside of Gund Gallery; people eye them as they leave their classes, ready to squelch any turd who gets in their way. I swear this is not just me. As someone who has always hated Competitive Outdoor Chair-Hunting, I’ve been thinking a lot about this: I think it might be a conspiracy related to global warming and ‘they’ are slowly trying to move us indoors more permanently. But that’s not really relevant. Here are some of the most missed outdoor sitting spots: Continue reading