How to Entertain your Visiting Friends

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Kenyon is a tough place to get friends to come visit. The closest major airport is an hour away and even getting in from Cleveland takes a decent two-hour drive. Somebody always needs to have a car, or money to pay someone with a car, and our spring break is mysteriously one week longer than that of our peer institutions meaning that it’s us, not our friends, who can do the visiting in March. So, when your friends do make the commitment to schlep out, it’s important that you show them a good time.

Having friends come to visit Gambier is nice because we have lots of quaint and “free”-to-cheap things to see and eat. First, and this is obvious, upon your friend’s arrival take them to Peirce and impress them with our swipe-free dining hall. A free post-travel cup of stewed leaves instantly proves the charm of our little village. Also on the charm chart: the lack of Village traffic light (Gambier, we love you, never change).

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How to Tell if It’s a Good Night in Peirce

We’ve already told you how to participate in the tried and true method of reading the thrice-daily Peirce menus on your phone, but now I’m here to tell you how to judge those menus from the comfort of your bed. To Peirce, or not to Peirce, that is the question, throw a skull in the air, call head or tails, etc.  The walk to Peirce is long and microwave popcorn a totally acceptable meal replacement, but only if you’ve ascertained that nothing truly extraordinary is transpiring in the servery.

It is a new and exciting semester and AVI has promised us new and exciting menus.  Chocolate cake! More fried eggs! BYO vodka, ahem, pasta! There’s been blue cheese at the salad bar at least two times since Sunday. Things are looking good, but even with these exciting gastronomical developments, a seemingly simple Peirce menu can get dicey for picky eaters and the long-line averse.

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Upcoming Nearby Concerts

Newport Music Hall

It’s hard to make it out of Gambier to see a concert, especially when your Google search for “Concerts in Columbus” or “Shows in Cleveland” returns thousands of results. Here, I’ll try and point you to a few that I’m excited about (with some live videos, so you can get a preview)  to ease your concert-discovery process.

Who: Houndmouth

When: November 19th, 2013.

Where: A and R Music Bar, Columbus, OH

This is one you won’t want to miss. The quartet from New Albany, Indiana will bring their southern style Rock and Roll to Columbus this Friday. Atop greasy guitar riffs and sprawling organ chords, this band stacks up magnificent four-part harmonies. Thematically, they craft themselves to be intellectually blue collar with songs about going to jail, working at the factory, and train hopping all while throwing in a few sophisticated allusions here and there (catch the Nietzsche reference in the video).  They rock hard, but do so precisely and deliberately. Grab a beer and let them blow you away.

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An Econ Major’s Guide to Getting Home

Greg Andreoli ‘14, economics and biology double major and first year roommate of Thrill founder David McCabe, is here to help us all figure out our finances before we graduate. He’ll be back with more advice next week. 

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 7.21.02 PM

With the last week of classes and exams rapidly approaching, it’s nearly time to start considering how to get home. While many of you may have been successful in securing a ride back to Peoria in exchange for something you made in art class, it’s more than likely you’re going to need to cough up some dough to get home. Traveling in peak holiday season doesn’t make it easy – or cheap – to see your little brother’s Christmas play, but here are a few guidelines to make your travels easier.

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Find Your Address So You Can Vote in Ohio

The Republican National Convention is over which means everyone actually needs to  finally register (or re-register) to vote. There are mail-in Ohio voter registration forms right next to the Drop/Add forms outside the Registrar (Edwards House). Kenyon makes it so easy!

Remember, you must re-register every year, even if you live in the same building as last year. Here is a list of all the college building street addresses. Again: easy!

Let’s make sure Kenyon has as big of a voting turnout this November as it did in November of 2004. But also let’s hope for more poling places.