Pillow Talk: Your Questions Answered

  • Tips for keeping it alive with a long-distance SO?

First of all: PHONE SEX. It’s surprisingly easy to initiate — you could bring up something that turned you on during the day or something you miss about being intimate with your SO. If it’s awkward at first, that won’t last for long! It might take just a moment to adjust to this new sexual medium. Continue reading

Pubic Peirce Creations


The Thrill presents this never-before published post from our archives, created by a former blogger ’15.

So many options. Via galleryhip.com

When it comes to first impressions, your hair plays a key role in giving a person an indicator of what the rest of your style is like. But in more intimate situations, your appearance downstairs can be just as important as what you’ve got going on top of your head! So for any of you who are new to the world of carpet cleaning or manscaping, I’ll show you six different ways you can tame your underbrush using some familiar dining hall ingredients as a visual aid! Let’s get started: Continue reading

Lady in the Street But a Creek in the Bed: Numero Trois

We know you’ve always dreamed of being featured on a Thrill sex column — Remember to send all of your sexual questions, hopes, and dreams to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com or in the comments below, and we will work our hardest to get them answered for you.

Hey little chachis, have ya missed me? Just kidding, I’m sure that since I’ve gotten back you’ve read every word that I have written, talked to me extensively, and told me how much sexier I have gotten- and I truly, truly agree with you. I have gotten sexier. But you haven’t. Sorry. But I’m here to fix that. And I gotta swoop in before you guys give all your lovey and sexy questions to Lauren Toole on The Collegian. She seems great, though. You just gotta talk shit sometimes. [Ed. — Lauren, you rule. Please don’t sell our domain name to The Observer.]  

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