Liberal Arts’ Janney-Radnor Sex Scene: A Critical Analysis


Oh hello! It is I, the Irresponsibility Goblin! Your personal piece of trash going nowhere fast! My face has nary been around these parts as of late, for a number of reasons. Most of them having to do with my taking on a frankly unrealistic amount of academic work, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here because staff writer Nate Winer wanted somebody to close read a scene from Josh Radnor’s famous Liberal Arts, the Kenyon masterpiece. I begged him for it, and have now come out of my self-imposed exile to fulfill this promise. So here it is folks–I’m going to close read the scene where Josh Radnor has sex with Allison Janney.

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I am Stupid, but the Health Center is Not


Over the summer I had sex without a condom with a boy I did not know who had a lighter covered in Kanye West album art and wrote bad poetry. Needless to say, it was not one of my finest moments, but it happened, and I didn’t think much of it. I got to school and classes started, and things were great until my period was a day late. Naturally, I freaked out. I knew I was plain stupid for not using a condom, to begin with, and the mere idea of being pregnant with a child whose father I blocked on Twitter and hates Lil Yachty made me sick inside. Even though my period was only a day late, I convinced myself and everyone around me that I was roughly 25% sure I pregnant, and that I potentially had an STI. I would not sleep well until I knew I was zygote and disease free, so I went to the health center as soon as I could.

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Pillow Talk – Write to our Sex Specialists


carrie (1)

Romance for the digital age.

We are currently accepting any and all questions for a new column about SEX called Pillow Talk!! Write to our specialists for advice and we will be your Carrie. Questions can be particular to sex on the hill and as general as you desire! Don’t be shy, it’s always anonymous!

Let’s have a conversation. Submit your questions through this Google Form. Tell your friends.

The Friday Ketchup


Well, it’s fall break. Yupp, it’s time for autumn to take a long weekend away from us because it’s been working so darn hard. For four days we’ll have weather without the season to look after it, and it’s quite the weather, let me tell you. Unseasonably warm? You betcha. Feels too cold for October? It could definitely happen. Giant ocean waves? You never know. When autumn’s away, the weather will play, as the saying going. It’s the Friday Ketchup. Continue reading

Hilltop Hook-Ups

This image was simply entitled "boyfriends" and is now framed in my room.

This image was simply entitled “boyfriends” and is now framed in my room.

You’ve seen us cry. You’ve seen us hurl. Now, watch us make out! After compiling responses from our staffers via an anonymous survey, The Thrill has painstakingly mapped out all of its contributors’ past hook-up spots, including some pretty embarrassing ones. Check them out after the jump!

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10 o’clock list: Sexiest Patches of Ice on Campus

Who doesn’t love February? The bitter cold, the cabin fever, the familiar reminder that love is fleeting and death is eternal: it simply screams fun*. But my favorite hobby this time of year (besides licking metal poles with one of my numerous tongues) is finding the sultriest lil’ ice rink on campus. Fellow ice aficionados, you may not want to read this in public as it has been known to induce excessive drooling and/or impromptu renditions of the dance from “Happy Feet”. Here are the sexiest patches of ice on campus:

1) Patch of Ice by Storer


Soooo slippery. Am I falling in love or just falling down because of the ice I am walking on?

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Getting Freaky, Volume XIII: 50 Shades of Great

via and literally everywhere else

via and literally everywhere else

Whether you’ve just begun your journey into freakitude or you began it long ago, The Thrill is here to help you improve your safe, consensual sexy sex times by answering your most burning questions. Have a question about x-rated materials? Send us an e-mail at with the subject line Sex Q and we’ll answer it in our next edition. Feeling embarrassed? Not to worry– we’ve set up a Gmail account to allow for anonymous questions. The username is “gettingfreakythrill” and the password is “thethrill”. Log in and shoot us an email, and your question may be featured on the blog!

Hello again, sexy lovelies! Today is Valentine’s Day, and nothing says “undress me and have your way with my body” like paper hearts and cheap teddy bears. Valentines sex is a must if you have anyone even remotely special in your life. However, after eating your weight in Russell Stover chocolates, it might be tempting to resort to some pretty vanilla love tactics. Missionary? In the dark? Under the covers? Come on, folks! We can do better! (Without, of course, resorting to the kind of freaky abuse peddled to the masses in the form of 50 Shades of Grey. Avoid that franchise at all costs.) If your enthusiastically consensual something-something is interested in getting a little, shall we say, freaky, you might want to try out a couple of these moves:

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