Kenyon Alum Responds to Title IX Audit

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In a recent blog post on the KC Alumni for Title IX website, Kenyon alum Michael Hayes ’14 responded to an external investigator’s audit of how sexual assault cases are handled by the College. While the audit was a decent first step towards admitting that there are issues with the Title IX process at Kenyon, Hayes points out that “the College considers this Report to be a convincing addition to its growing inventory of assurances that everything is not as bad as it seems.”

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A Call for Systemic Change: Prevention Programming, Alcohol, and College Culture

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault. 

This is an opinion piece, all views expressed within it are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Thrill.

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This week’s Title IX discussion has largely focused on the deficiencies of both Kenyon’s sexual misconduct policy and the legislation itself. While we’re making important strides in these conversations, we need to focus more efforts on the area where we, the students, can affect perhaps the most significant change: prevention programming.  Continue reading

In Case You Missed It: What You Need to Know About the Title IX Forum

cw: This article discusses sexual assault.


Thursday at 4:15 p.m. counselor Nicki Keller, Title IX Coordinator Andrea Goldblum, Deputy Title IX Coordinator Linda Smolak, next year’s Interim Title IX Coordinator Sam Hughes, and the Sexual Misconduct Advisors facilitated a somewhat tense Title IX forum in Gund Gallery’s Community Theater.

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Students, Administration to Host Title IX Discussions; Meetings Open to the Kenyon Community


After the recent climate on campus in response to issues regarding Title IX and sexual assault, students, Sexual Misconduct Advisors, Peer Counselors and Title IX coordinators have rallied to find solutions and justice for the community. As a result, these groups have organized two discussions in order to talk about these issues on campus, and what we, as students and members of a larger community, can do to make a change. Continue reading

Take Back the Night in Art: Eliza Cohen ’18

In honor of Take Back The Night, The Thrill is pleased to feature student artists and their work about sexual assault and consent cultureToday, we’re featuring the work of Eliza Cohen ’18, with her statement and piece below.



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I included this saying, “your body is a temple,” because whatever your body goes through it stays as a beautiful mechanism in this world.  Continue reading